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Scaffold collapse injures elderly woman

A 72 year old woman was injured on May 31, 2012, when she was struck by falling wood and metal in Manhattan as a sidewalk shed collapsed on her. The scaffolding located on 23rd street between eighth and ninth avenues was being dismantled by construction workers when it suddenly collapsed around 2 pm. The woman was treated at nearby Bellevue Hospital for a broken leg.

Andy Stapp, a neighborhood resident who witnessed the accident said "they were taking the scaffolding down and it just collapsed on her. She was pinned underneath all the metal and wood." He also said that the construction workers had set up cones around the area to try to keep pedestrians away from the site.

According to a spokeswoman for the Department of Buildings, two violations were issued to Everest Scaffolding. Pedestrians or construction workers who have been injured in a scaffold accident in New York may be entitled to compensation.

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