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Secret Service Vehicle Fatally Strikes Brooklyn Woman

On May 3, a Secret Service vehicle struck and killed a woman crossing Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. The victim, Marie Tripp, 47, lived just four blocks from the accident site. She was crossing the street with her daughter and nephew when she was hit by a black Chevy Impala. Responding officers found the victim lying in the intersection suffering from severe trauma to the head and body. She was taken to Interfaith Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

"They were crossing the street, a speeder, a car came by speeding. She didn't know which way to move, which happens to anybody sometimes," said Alan Taylor, the victim's brother. "She got hit, the fellow she was with grabbed the two kids and got them to safety."

A spokesperson for the Secret Service has since confirmed that the driver of the vehicle was an employee who was on the job and working undercover at the time of the accident. The driver remained at the scene of the accident and waited for the police to arrive. No criminal charges are expected to be filed.

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