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Casino Bus Overturns Near Dallas

A casino bus overturned near Dallas last Thursday. The accident killed two and injured dozens more. The casino-bound bus was traveling on a highway when it rolled over around 9 in the morning. After initial investigations, it appears as if a tire on the bus blew out and caused the driver to swerve and hit a concrete median.

This impact flipped the vehicle. A total of 41 people were injured in the crash, 16 of whom are said to be in critical condition and receiving care at local hospitals. Witnesses described a gruesome scene of dozens of injured bodies piled on top of each other. The bus is privately-owned by a Mansfield, Texas company- Cardinal Coach Lines. The passengers of the bus were primarily senior citizens.

Buses are regulated by specific provisions in common carrier law. While buses are a type of transportation service, people are being transported rather than goods or services. This privately-owned charter bus provided a service to transport individuals under a government license, hence this accident will be interpreted based on these common carrier laws, specifically, the Interstate Commerce Act and Texas state transportation laws.

As a common carrier, these bus companies and drivers have a high duty of care since they are dealing with the lives of the occupants of their bus. This is in contrast to non-commercial drivers. While drivers of these vehicles should, of course, exercise reasonable care while driving, common carriers must use the highest degree of carefulness when transporting their passengers.

A full investigation will show whether or not the accident was caused by the negligence of the bus company or its driver or rather a purely mechanical/unavoidable cause. Victims of these types of bus accidents may be able to file claims against the carrier for personal injury or wrongful death damages. To learn more, please contact The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried today.

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