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Five SoCal Family Members Killed by Drunk Driver

In a tragic Nevada car accident last Saturday, five family members were killed after their van was hit by a drunk driver. Out of seven total occupants of the van, five were ejected and pronounced dead at the scene. The allegedly intoxicated driver was 18-years-old and arrested at the scene.

The accident took place at 3 in the morning while both vehicles were traveling on Interstate 15. When the drunk driver impacted the back of the van, the van spun out of control and flipped over. Only two occupants of the van that was hit were wearing seatbelts at the time of the impact.

This tragic accident highlights the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Nothing is more dangerous when a driver of a motor vehicle gets behind the when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That driver is a danger and menace not only to himself but to his passengers and occupants of other cars on the road. I cannot warn drivers enough NEVER to get in a vehicle of a driver who has consumed alcohol or illicit substances.

This story also serves as a reminder as to the importance of wearing available seat belts. The post-accident investigation noted that five of the seven occupants were ejected from the car. Of course, had they been properly belted, they would have remained in the car and possibly survived this brutal and tragic crash. Of course, these innocent victims of the drunk driver's reckless actions are not at all to blame but had they been wearing seat belts, there is a good chance their wrongful deaths could have been averted.

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