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Northern Blvd. in Queens Known as "Boulevard of Death"

A significant increase in accidents along Northern Boulevard in Queens has led to this major thoroughfare being coined a “Boulevard of Death.”

City Councilman Daniel Dromm has pled with the city’s lawmakers to implement various “slow zones” throughout this neighborhood in the hopes that slower mandated speeds will reduce the amount of accidents caused by reckless driving.

What has been proposed? The current limit in this area is 30mph while the proposed new speed limit would be capped at 20mph. In a heavily compact and high-traffic area, many believe that this will make it safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers to travel.

On Dec. 28, 2012 an 11-year-old boy was killed by a Mack truck as he was crossing the street at 80th St. and Northern Blvd.

On March 25, a pedestrian was hit by a taxi at Northern Blvd. The taxi driver fled the scene. The taxi driver was later charged with a DUI.

The county of Queens has the highest number of motor vehicle deaths where speeding was a factor in all of New York City. In 2012, statistics report that 79 people were killed.

The concerned activist councilman has proposed legislation to create a slow zone between Northern Blvd. and 37th Ave. from 74th to 86th Sts. Thus far, the Department of Transportation has rejected the request.

The proposal currently spearheaded to create a “slow zone” is an excellent idea as it does not adversely impact traffic flow or the business community in the area of the proposed slow zone.

It is truly a common sense approach to a very serious problem that has plagued the Jackson Heights community of Queens County for far too long. The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried welcomes such change as it could potentially cause accident to drop in the affected neighborhoods.


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