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Woman Charged with Murder in Car Crash Case

A Queens woman drove her car and crashed it Sunday while her boyfriend was on the roof of the vehicle. The woman was charged with murder for the death of her boyfriend.

What started as a domestic dispute turned deadly. The two were involved in an argument at which time the woman got into her vehicle and proceeded to drive away. The boyfriend jumped on the roof of the vehicle, a fact of which the woman was aware, and she drove for about a half mile.

While the boyfriend was still on the roof, the woman sped through a red light and hit another vehicle. According to police and witnesses, this occurred at about 8 in the morning. The boyfriend died at the hospital and the Queens woman was charged with murder, manslaughter and assault.

If the estate of the decedent chooses to commence a lawsuit for negligence against the driver there will be difficult issues in collecting damages as the facts seem to suggest that the driver committed an "intentional tort"- An intentional tort is a willful act, as opposed to negligence which is, for lack of a better word, "unintentional".

Insurance policies often only cover unintentional acts and therefore, an intentional act, such as knowingly driving and speeding when someone is on the roof of your car, is clearly an intentional act. This intentional act of trying to hurt a person will allow the car insurance company to deny coverage for the act and not defend or indemnify (pay a judgment or settlement). In that case, the injured person (or in this case, the decedent's estate) will have to sue the owner/driver of the car and hope that they have assets that can be collected upon rendering of a verdict.


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