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Deadly Train Crossing Accident

This morning, January 23, 2013, two people died in Suffolk County, Long Island after the motor vehicle they were in was struck by a Long Island Railroad (LIRR) train just east of the Brentwood station. The collision happened just after 10 a.m. when a non-passenger equipment train going 80 miles per hour slammed into the car, which was on the tracks near Second Street.

An apparent witness saw the car drive around crossing gates at Second Street moments before it was struck, bursting into flames. Authorities were working to identify the occupants of the car, whose bodies were "burned beyond recognition," in their own words.

LIRR officials were checking train track signals to determine whether the gates were down, but according to the witness, the gates were indeed down. The train engineer activated the emergency brakes and honked the horn, but the train could not stop in time and carried the car for half a mile after striking it.

Cases involving train accidents are very complicated and almost always require the retention of expert engineers to evaluate the accident occurrence, the safety precautions carried out by the transportation provider and the actions of the injured parties. Engineers can render opinions if the negligence of the train engineers, its agents and employees were substantial factor in causing the accident. They take into account many factors including the speed and evasive action taken by the train conductor/engineer as well as the train company's safety regulations, procedures and policies in place at the time of accident.

The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried, P.C. has successfully represented victims of train and subway negligence. We have been successful in cases involving decoupling of trains from one another, failure of trains to brake when warranted by control lights and sudden stops causing injury. If you or a loved one have been injured on a train or by a train, contact our firm by calling us today!


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