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Speeding Car Involved in Single-Vehicle Accident in Brooklyn

Early last Sunday morning a speeding Lexus spun out and hit a tree on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. There were three occupants of the vehicle; two were injured and the driver did not survive the crash. The car accident occurred just before 3am, and while the driver was declared dead at the scene, the two young men were taken to the hospital and are now in stable condition.

Law enforcement investigators are still looking into the accident. It is likely that the vehicle's speed was a factor in the accident, but other factors could have contributed which may not be discovered until a thorough investigation is complete. This particular area of Brooklyn has seen other accidents in just the past few weeks. In response, residents who live just off of Ocean Parkway have pleaded with the city and state transportation officials to make improvements to the road. The state rejected these changes, but it is difficult to speculate whether these safety improvements could prevent accidents such as this.

Obviously, the cause of this horrific accident was the negligence of the decedent driver in speeding and losing control of his vehicle. However, the city of New York and State of New York as they own and maintain the streets where the accident occurred could be viable defendants if the plaintiff is able to prove that the State and City knew these roads were dangerous, that other accidents had occurred there and they failed to take any steps to rectify the dangerous roads.

These cases are difficult to prove and the municipal defendants (State and City of New York) have an inherent, common-sense defense; that the driver's negligence was the cause of the accident or whether the road was dangerous or not, the accident would not have happened if the driver was driving reasonably.

To view the original story, view Ocean Pkwy. Crash Kills One in Brooklyn.

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