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Woman Fell from Six Flags Texas Roller Coaster

A 52-year-old woman slipped from her restraint and was killed at Six Flags Texas in Arlington. According to reports, the woman fell from a height of 75-feet and hit a metal support beam on the roller coaster before falling to the ground below. Although the roller coaster is equipped with safety restraints, the woman was not property strapped in. This accident is currently under investigation.

Eyewitnesses reported that before the ride began, the woman was concerned about her safety restraint. They reported that the woman kept asking the ride attendant to check the restraint, but the park employee answered back "As long as you heard it click, you're OK."

Six Flags Arlington was asked to comment on the accident, but they denied comment until an investigation is completed, which will likely take a few months' time.

The coaster that the woman fell from, the Texas Giant, is the largest roller coaster of its kind (steel and wood). At its peak, the ride is 153 feet tall which equates to about 14 stories. It has been in operation for more than 20 years. The last major safety renovation was the installation of rails which took place in 2011.

Cases of amusement park negligence are often complex ones. Normally, if a ride malfunctions, a plaintiff's lawyer will need to retain an expert in either engineering or machinery design to examine the faulty ride and render an opinion.

However, often human error comes into play when amusement park negligence occurs. In the above reported case, initial reports indicate that the decedent was not strapped in properly. If the evidence proves that true, the defendant amusement park clearly has a duty to check and insure that their patrons are strapped in safely and properly to a dangerous ride such as a 75 foot high roller coaster.


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