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911 Delay Prompts Family to File Wrongful Death Suit Against City

The family of a four-year-old girl who died following a pedestrian-car accident is filing a $40 million lawsuit against the city and emergency responders. Due to critical delays in the city's new 911 dispatching computer system, ambulances arrived much too late to the scene of this critical accident. The parents of the deceased young girl are also including the driver who caused the accident among the defendants.

The lawsuit is seeking $20 million in wrongful death compensation on behalf of the young girl and another $20 million for the injuries that the girl's grandmother, who was with her at the time of the accident, sustained. The grandmother was walking the young girl to school when an unlicensed teenage driver barreled his vehicle right into them.

Among the other defendants in the lawsuit are the FDNY, NYPD and the Emergency Medical Service in addition to the unlicensed teenage driver's parents. The unlicensed driver had been stopped by law enforcement but fled the scene, jumped a curb and then hit the two as they stood at the intersection of Amsterdam Ave. and W. 97th St.

There are many legal facets to this case, and it will likely take some time to wade through them all. The story is tragic to say the least, and on multiple accounts. The unlicensed driver was grossly negligent and has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, but could also be hit with punitive damages.

The emergency responders and the glitch in the 911 dispatch system did not kill the girl, the teenage driver did. However, the girl and her grandmother may have had a better chance had it not been for the excessive delays in emergency responders.

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