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Man's Foot Sliced Off After Driver Backs Into Him

A negligent driver backed over an elderly man, sliced his foot off and knocked him through the window of a Queens store, according to witnesses. The accident took place on February 27, 2013.

Just before 9am, the driver was backing into a parking spot near Queens Boulevard and Hoover Avenue. Because he didn't see the elderly man, he crashed into him. The witness said that the driver was rushing into the spot, put his Acura into reverse and backed up at least 20 mph and absentmindedly hit the elderly man.

The victim's bone was completely shattered and protruding coming out of his ankle. The injured man was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and listed in critical, but stable condition. New York City police apprehended the reckless driver about three blocks away. He has not been charged criminally as of yet, but charges are expected to be filed.

This case is an example of negligent and reckless driving. The fact that the driver left the scene of the accident would most certainly assist in the prosecution of the elderly victim's case. By leaving the scene it shows a reckless disregard for the well being of the injured victim. Whether the actions taken by the driver give rise to a claim for punitive damages is an issue for the court. A punitive damages claim can be pled but to be proven a plaintiff must show "wanton" conduct. This is a far higher standard to prove than mere negligence.

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