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Six-Year-Old Killed in Common Accident Location

In a tragic turn of events, a six-year-old boy was struck by a large commercial truck and killed in East Harlem. Unfortunately, this is not the first accident of its kind. According to the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, there have been three other instances where vehicles have fatally struck children in that same location. This statistic is abnormally high for one location, considering that only six total child/pedestrian deaths have been reported in the Manhattan area since 2009.

In this accident, the child was on his way to PS 155 when he was met by a food delivery truck. The boy was walking across First Avenue when the passing truck fatally struck and crushed him. The boy had the right-of-way as well as a "walk" signal. Why the high concentration of accidents in this particular area? Police investigators interviewed some residents of that neighborhood who said that commercial trucks have been taking shortcuts through this area, likely due to the opening of Target and Costco stores nearby.

An accident similar to this one occurred in November 2010. Four months before this, a tow truck struck and killed a seven-year-old. In this particular accident, the child was not even in the road, but standing on the sidewalk holding his mother's hand.

In light of these types of accidents, the Borough President of Manhattan has called the city's Department of Transportation (DOT) to ask for new safety measures to be implemented. Truck drivers are required to follow planned truck routes to their destinations, rather than taking any shortcuts. The DOT is working together with the NYPD to more strictly enforce this regulation.

It is obvious from these tragic stories that the incidences of accidents that have occurred in this particular East Harlem, New York neighborhood, despite being caused by different drivers, have established a disturbing pattern. There is simply too much commercial traffic in these residential neighborhoods where children walk and live. The change in traffic patterns must be initiated on the state and county levels but will be difficult to implement and even harder to enforce. Parents and children need to be hyper vigilant in crossing the streets and simply walking in this neighborhood.

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