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NYC's New Plan to Manage Fourth Ave. Traffic

New York City wants to follow in the steps of Manhattan transportation officials by implementing plans that would control traffic and hopefully eliminate deadly accidents. Speeding drivers cause an overwhelming majority of these car and pedestrian accidents. The New York Department of Transportation (DOT) will be implementing plans specifically for the Bay Ridge area of Fourth Avenue. How will they do this?

Officials say they plan to completely get rid of one lane each direction. They also plan to provide pedestrian walkways down the center of the avenue which, they say, will hopefully cut back on the amount of jaywalking. Jaywalking is a common cause of pedestrian accidents in this particular area. For good measure, the New York DOT also plans on barricading these pedestrian walkways.

The media interviewed the father of one individual who was nearly killed by a speeding motorist on this street. He stated, "My son was not the first accident to occur and he won't be the last." He gives his wholehearted support to this new street plan. This man's son was hit by a driver who then fled the scene. The impact shattered his pelvis and wrist, causing permanent damage.

Since 2006, there have been a total of five pedestrian deaths on this stretch of Fourth Avenue. Two of those deaths were this year, indicating that traffic may be getting worse in this area. Before it gets too out of hand, the DOT plans to implement their changes.

In a statistical analysis of Brooklyn streets, Fourth Avenue ranks third in the category of dangerous roads. Dangerous roads are designated by total number of fatalities per mile. One report indicates that at least 63 percent of drivers speed while driving on this road. In addition to cutting out lanes and placing pedestrian walkways and barricades in place, the city plans to extend the curbs so that pedestrians have a shorter distance to walk when crossing the street.

New York City is a maze of roads, pedestrian walk-ways and sidewalks, all packed with walkers, motorists and bicyclists. This plan, while somewhat bold in its approach and attempt can only be so effective. Motorists, pursuant to the Vehicle and Traffic Law of the State of New York have a legal duty to drive safely to avoid deadly accidents. The roadways of New York City are simply overused and quite frankly antiquated. Most of the roads were designed and constructed well before our current modern automobiles were even built. As important as barriers and deterrent are, the drivers in New York City must make better, more concerted efforts to show caution and diligence when operating their motor vehicles.


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