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Man Dies from Energy Mint Caffeine Overdose

Hero Instant Energy Mints are breath mints that also contain 80mg of caffeine each, equivalent to drinking an entire can of Red Bull. One British man was not aware of this fact, and consumed enough to kill him. Caffeine overdoses are somewhat rare, but they happen. As little as 79mg of caffeine has been known to cause death. This man reportedly had 155mg in his system.

These energy mints, called Hero Instant Energy Mints, are sold in many convenience stores alongside gum and other sweets. Hero commented on the man's death, saying that there are clear warning labels on the packaging, indicating that a person should only consume a maximum of five mints within a 24-hour period. Based on the levels of caffeine in his system, the company said he would have had to consumed over 300 mints.

A potential case against the manufacturer of the product will be an uphill battle. Reports stated that the decedent was a heavy alcohol drinker. Also, the labels on the bottle were clearly marked to limit the number of pills that a user should intake.

The potential plaintiff's estate will need to prove that the energy pills were the proximate cause of his death, rather than any pre-existing medical condition or heavy prior alcohol use. Furthermore, the estate will need to retain experts to testify that the death was caused by the ingredients present in the pills and that those ingredients were unsafe for the consumer market.


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