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New York City East Village Residential Stairwell Collapses

One man was badly injured and 30 others were trapped after the stairwell of an East Village residence collapsed early Sunday morning. The college-aged students were on the roof for a party, according to authorities.

Suddenly and without warning the stairway platform that goes up to the roof, where the partygoers were, collapsed and sent one man tumbling two stories below.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they used a cherry picker crane to get the stranded people off of the roof and back safely onto the ground.

The owner of the building, Sasha Realty LLC/Beach Lane Mgmt., was issued a citation by the Department of Buildings for failing to maintain their structure in accordance with the Environmental Control Board.


If any of the injured partygoers choose to commence a lawsuit against the owners of the building, the case will hinge on if the owner’s violation of any building codes of the New York City Building Code. The NYC Department of Buildings regulates nearly one million buildings and properties by enforcing the NYC Building Code, Electrical Code, Zoning Resolution, and other applicable regulations.

The Department of Buildings will perform a full investigation of this accident to determine if the owners violated any of the ordinances and statutes of the Building Code. They have the regulatory authority and power to impart fines, order work performed to rectify the code violations and even shut down the operations of the building if it is found unsafe.

If any of those measures are undertaken, plaintiff’s lawyers may cite those violations as evidence that the building and its roof were unsafe and the owner’s negligence in not maintaining their building constituted negligence which led to the stairwell collapse.


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