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Con Edison Sued by Mother of Woman Killed by Electrical Wires After Hurricane Sandy

A Queens woman who tragically burned and killed during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 has filed a lawsuit against Consolidated Edison Company of New York.

The case, pending and filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, blames Con Edison claiming that the utility company should have shut down power lines in the neighborhood.

It took the victim a half hour to die, and Con Ed two hours to shut down the power in the neighborhood, the suit says. The plaintiff claims that the agency should have acted faster and that the decedent should never have been endangered in the first place.

Con Edison will have a very strong defense to this case. Hurricane Sandy was a momentous, historical storm that some have the coined the "100 year storm". As such, it is a given that a quasi-municipal agency such as Con Edison has never and quite possibly will never have to handle emergency situations as presented in the 2012 Sandy storm.

Con Edison will claim they were faced with catastrophic, emergent situations on all fronts on the streets of New York and there was no way they could have responded to each and every emergency call. This will be a strong defense to the allegations to this unfortunate plaintiff which in our opinion will be difficult to overcome.


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