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NYC Expenses in Central Park Jogger Case Total $6 Million

An estimated $4.3 million and 30,000 hours of legal work went into preparing a defense in the civil suit of the five men who had been convicted and imprisoned raping and nearly killing a woman in 1989, but had their convictions overturned in 2002. The city of New York said it spent an additional $1.6 million in additional costs related to the case.

The report in The Daily News stems from the City of New York's report confirming the amount of money and legal hours spent on defense of the action. The five alleged rapists were convicted, spent time on jail and then had their convictions overturned by an appellate court. The men filed suit in 2003, requesting $250 million in damages. The Bloomberg administration says they will not settle because, they say, neither police nor prosecutors acted with malice or wrongdoing.


This news item is an example of defendants and, in this case municipal defendants, reluctance to resolve lawsuits without a long, protracted and costly fight. In civil cases against individuals and corporations, it is most often their insurance companies that bear the responsibility of defending a lawsuit and ultimately paying out on a settlement or verdict. Insurance companies hire legal counsel to defend their insured's interests and pay the legal bills.

Plaintiff's attorneys such as The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried, P.C. know what we are up against; municipal defendants, large multi-national corporations and insurance companies with deep pockets to fight lawsuits. Fortunately, we have the knowledge, legal skill and financial resources to battle these well-heeled defendants in protracted litigation to insure our client's receive a maximum recovery for their injuries.


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